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We have been growing premium peonies for years now, taking pride in selling only the best to our customers, both nationally and internationally.

Tarras is very conducive to growing peonies with cold winters and a dry spring and summer that minimises the threat of disease. We ensure the flowers are picked at the right stage by picking twice daily. Crucially, the cold chain is maintained right through to the customer’s door so your flowers arrive in the best possible condition. Consequently, all we get is lovely, positive feedback.

THESE peonies are awesome
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We consider the Tarras climate to be the perfect growing environment - cool winters ideal growing climate in the spring and hot in the summer.

Incredible Peonies

We are consistently told that our peonies are among the best in the industry. They will soon become your favourites.

Speedy Delivery

Our shipments leave on Tuesdays and Friday to be delivered by chilled carrier, nationwide - to your door on the Thursday and Monday respectively.